The Council of Narón has established subsidies of up to 95% of the local taxes when the creation of employment linked to a new investment, whether a new business or the extension or reform of existing facilities, has been certified. According to the score obtained, businesses will benefit from a subsidy on the Construction Taxes. The subsidies on the local and industrial activity taxes will be brought into effect in the fiscal year after the end of the construction and installation work, and will be maintained for the following 3 fiscal years. The new employment, which entitles business to the fiscal subsidies, must be created within the next 6 months after the end of the construction or installation work and must be maintained during the next three fiscal years. In addition, at least 25% of the new staff will enjoy a permanent contract.

The Council of Narón included in the covenant the four-year retroactive effect of these subsidies, that is to say, from 2015, so that all the companies which have met the requirements can apply for the refund of the corresponding sums. The interested companies must fill in a general application form at the Register Office in the Town Hall of Narón in order to apply for the subsidies on these taxes under the “Doing Business” initiative. A sworn declaration which will state the data of the staff hired in a maximum period of 6 months after the end of the construction or installation work, as well as the documentation stating the payment of the corresponding taxes, including the construction costs of the project, must be attached to the application form.

worker 1 point
workers 2 points
workers 3 points
or more workers 4 points
  • Up to 100.000,00 € – 1 point

  • From 100.000,01 to 150.000.00 € – 2 points

  • From 150.000,01 to 200.000.00 € – 3 points

  • From 200.000,01 to 250.000.00 € – 4 points

  • More than 250.000,01 € – 5 points

5 points
% bonification 50%
6 points
% bonification 60%
7 points
% bonification 70%
8 points
% bonification 80%
9 points
% bonification 96%